Valencia Band and Color Guard

Symphonic Band

Course Description

This course will consist of learning and refining basic/advanced musicianship skills, exposure to various forms of wind band literature, and many performance opportunities. Your individual participation and preparation is of the utmost importance to the success of the ensemble. Given the reputation and the talent level of the ensemble, students are held to higher expectations. The instructional emphasize is on both individual performance technique and the principles of ensemble performance. The Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble performs at both school and community events and participates in professionally-adjudicated festivals.

Participation in performances outside the school day is highly suggested in the class. Members of the concert bands are encouraged to seek private lessons and grow individually through solo performances and auditioned ensembles.

Course Content

Students will learn/develop:

  1. Extended range and greater technical facility on their instrument.
  2. Finesse concepts of musical expressions such as dynamics, phrasing, and articulation.
  3. Concert band literature in a variety of styles and difficulty.
  4. Sight-reading skills.
  5. A better understanding of world cultures, history, and other forms of art through music.